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25 February 2008

One Great Song In 80s

I was chatting online with my friend yesterday.Suddenly he ask me if i knew one song with the title sound like something "Within You Remind or Remain".I was thinking ,what the hell.There are so many song with the title name like those.So i asked him if he knew the name of the singer and he reply me saying he did not knew about their name.He told me it was his last time when first love song.And he been searching for a long long time about this song.But the problem is he can't really scale down or more specific of the song title cos he also don't know the full title of the song since he just remember something that sound like....as been told above.Then he came back with me saying the song got some thing in chinese and english lyrics with are like this...."WO AI NI, I love you, WO AI NI, I need you more than....I never did anyone, I've never felt like this before
WO AI NI, I want you, WO AI NI, I need you."

Then out of sudden don't know how,,,,,my mind and memory after getting those both data,,,,,of something about the song title(Within You Remind Or Remain) and also part of the lyrics("Wo Ai NI,I Love You...)just really bring me back to the days in the 80s.That song really came back onto me....and the full title of the song is "Within You'll Remain " and was sung by a group called "Tokyo Square" and believed it or not they are from Singapore.The song was one of the great sentimental hits at that time.Those day every discotheque would played that song when its time for slow numbers for couple to dance with.I was one of the fan for the song at that time too.

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24 February 2008

My New Toy- UMPC BT-260

It been few months since my last purchase of IT gadgets.The last item i bought was a Logitech Wireless Mouse which use Laser Sensor Technology called "RX REVOLUTION".I been using it for sometime now and it was great.Full of many features which couldn't be found on normal mouse.You can check for more info at Logitech.

Ok enough for those mouse talk.We get back to topic about my new UMPC.As for me at first i don't know what UMPC mean(So stupid of me..lol)Later when i asked my friend then only knew that it mean Ultra Mobile PC.I been long for a laptop for long time already.All the time i wanted only DELL XPS.Even now after i get this UMPC BT-260, Dell XPS will still be my next purchase notebook for more heavy duty uses since this UMPC BT-260 are mainly for some light work and very easy to be kept and move around.First of all i came upon this UMPC BT-260 from one of my friend who happened to work at DIS Penang as a Senior Marketing Manager when i met him the other day.Was told that his company is launching a new UMPC and he can get me a very cheaper price before the official launching of the BT-260.After i go through and try out one of the unit that he purposely bringing it for us buddies for demo.And since he can get the unit at below RM2K i think its very cheap and reasonable and on the spot order one from him.

Notebook functionality.
Diary size.
Ultra light, ultra portable.
Complete option of connectivities.
Outstanding design and robust structure.
7" touch screen high resolution monitor(Came with a stylus)
Bluetooth VoIP phone.
Optional: TV tuner, GPS, Webcam.
4-in-1 card reader.
Supports Windows XP compatible softwares

Processor: VIA C7-M ULV 1.2GHz (FSB 400).
Memory: 512MB DDR2-667 SO-DIMM. ( I upgrade it to 1GB DDR2)
Level 2 Cache: 128KB.
Drive: 30GB. (Its ok i can get an external drive for more storage)
Chipset: VIA VX700.
Graphics: Integrated in VX700.
LCD Panel: 7" touch panel - WVGA 800x480.
Audio: Compliant with HD Audio; built-in 2 high quality speakers (1.5W).
LAN: RJ-45 port for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN.
Extended Module: VoIP and Bluetooth Phone.
Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g-USB interface.
Card Reader: 4-in-1 Card Reader (for SD, MS, MMC, MS-Pro).
Keyboard: 80-key with inverted-T cursor keys and Windows hot keys.
Pointing: Micro pad with 2 click buttons.
Modem: N/A. (I use Maxis USB Broadband Modem)
I/O: DVI-I, USB x 2, Mic-in/Array Mic x 1, 1 x DC-in jack.
Audio Port: 1 x headphone/line out jack, 1 x Microphone in jack (w/Array mic).
Battery: 4 cell 200mAh.
Adapter: AC 100-240Volt, 50-60Hz, 65W 19Voltage.
Dimension: 230 x 17 x 29.4mm.
Weight: Target under 970g.
Packaging: Standard packing (charger, UMPC driver, user guide).
Optional: TV tuner or GPS or webcam, external combo drive via USB.

Sat Next To Each Other Like Brothers...Big And Small Brother:-)

Small Is Cute

Work Well And Smooth With AdobePhotoshop :-)Well One Advantage Is It Came With Touch Screen And A Stylus Make Photoshop Work More Easy.

Slot In Easy With Just My Small Shoulder Bag And Can Be Carry Everywhere Without Needing To Bring Big Laptop Bag.

And Last But Not Least A Maxis Wireless Broadband Micro Modem To Make Online More Convenience Whenever At Outdoor Where The Places Don't Have A Free Wifi.And It Also Can Be Easily Fit Into My Bag Together With My UMPC.

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17 February 2008

Yee Sang

Ever year our group of old buddies will meet up for Yee Sang.And every year we try to look for a different places.This year we choose "Pinang Fisherman's Warf".One think keep changing as i recall last time before we married we just only a group of "Mah Lat lor" only mean all single man.As years go by we slowly bring in our GFs and then wife until now our baby to kids.And every year we have new member joining us(not that of new buddies but new baby been born all through the years...lol).Just for year 2007 only we already have 4 baby been born to four of my old buddies...hahaha( Expert In "Cheng Sambal"Lol).So well started with just one table was enough and now turn to having two table will only be accomodated all in.
Congratulations to all the father with new born baby that is Liew(At last manage to get a son ya!)Goh( On his first baby..hopefully you will try for the 2nd one soon...lol)Hai(Also on his first baby too.)Yong(2nd.baby and boy too)

Get Ready for the group photo....all the action and mess....hehehehe.

Cheers Everyone!

Food Of The Day.


Ok!Lai Ar Lai Ar....."HUAT!HUAT!HUAT!

Manage To Shot Only Few Of The Food Photos Cos I Was So Busy Eating.....Hahaha.

Old Birds Get To Mess With New Birds.....Hehehe.

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15 February 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 Day Four

Today on the 4th.day of CNY going to be busy for whole day.In plan was meeting up friends and again "Chiak Chiak" eat eat again.Since today one of the first thing i am going to do was attending an outing of Buffet Lunch with some PGHK kaki.As you all knew going to buffet need to can eat only worth it mah ..right?So i skipped breakfast and prepare my 44gallon size tummy for it....hahahaha.But before going one couple from PGHK kaki (Motoleng and Motoleng Soh) is coming over to my home to "Pai Nee" with us and later we will together going to Cititel Hotel for Lunch Buffet with the rest.At the buffet i think our table was the most noisy compare to others.We laugh,joke ,Kapster and Sembang like in our own home.We all are too carry away with our each other company that many of us feel that we are like at home eating,joking and having a great time with all our own dear people.Even for the first time meeting person we feel like so close and long time friends.Kamsia to you all for this enjoyable and great time.i think the shyness was not present on that day:-)

From Left:Son,Jas,Me,Nancy,Frankie,Kacang,Sui Kia,Motoleng and Motoleng Soh....oh another one,a very tall guy at the back(sorry nearly missed him...kekekeke),he is Barra The Fish(Barramundi)

Me and Sui Kia...true to his nickname...he is more "SUI KIA" in person.

Me post near to KLCC.......hahahaha.

"Kap Kap and Chiak Chiak"

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14 February 2008

Happy Valentine To My Dearest

To my lovely wife Jasmine,

I Love You Then
As I Do Now
Always And Forever

Your Ang,

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Chinese New Year 2008 Day Three

Some of you may ask why...jump to day three and no sharing any CNY Day 2?Well you see during day two of CNY i wake up damn late cos previous night stayed up so late.Then how to wake up early.Already planned that day two is to go my MIL home to "Pai Nee" and also after that wanna headed to my auntie home too.So you see already wake up late and "Cheh Cheh Kong Kong" in hurry and go out....knn forgotten to tagged along my camera.So not much to be share lor.U know lah me,,,,when "Kapster" i can but when asked to write i really damn bad wan...i prefer to write "Tham Por Tham Por" a bit and with some photos better...hahahaha.

Ok lah with all those the above..auntie talks,i started my CNY day 3.Going to meet some PGHK kaki today at Queensbay Mall(sound like"Queens Beh Mor(in Hokkien mean Queens Sell Hair in English..lol).So me and my wife go there early than our confirm meeting time so that we can go stroll around there.We both took turn to shot pictures.Today only me and my wife only.All our kids had gone their own "Kangtao" already.

I Took Photo Of Jasmine...She Sure Gain Lots Of Weight Since Pregnant.....hehehehe.

Now Its Her Turn To Shot Me....Lucky She Just Used The Digicam Rather Than Gun....lol

Some OF The PGHK Kaki I Got To Met.
From Left:TauSahPeah,Atupek,Taugeh And Me....Oooops And Also Two Person Who Are Not In The Photo,That Is Hailamkepui And Her Hubby "Ean Tau Eh"(SORRY COS THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN BEFORE THEY ARRIVED)

P/S Would like to thanks TauSahPeah for his lovley gifts of Chocolate and handmade "London Bobby" keychain.Kamsia Kamsia :-)

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11 February 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 Day One

Keong Hee Huat Cai to all.Soli for not updating my blog for so long.Before CNY i was so damn busy and couldn't find a time to updated my blog....veli pai seh.Anyway i hope all are having a great time this Chinese New Year ya!With all the reunion,gathering,open house.And not forgetting the CNY foods and drinks.As for me like always for the passed years.The 1st.day of CNY will be visiting my mum home(Its a must...MOTHER RULE....hehehe) and also many or my relatives will also be meeting there.

My All Time Favourite Mum Cooked Foods For CNY.

My Beloved Uncle.

All The "Kahki Lang" Group Photo Session.

At my another mum home(Don't ask why got two mummy...veli long story :-)).
With all my taikor and seiloh(real brothers ok! And not the secret society brothers.)

Sister-In-Law Busy With Her Cooking.

Some of my Ah Soh finishing.....the food was damn delicious.Kamsia Ah Soh.

Oh Ya My All Time Favourite Brand Of Longan.

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