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29 November 2007

Dearest's Birthday

Should have post this last 2 days ago.But too busy.Anyway wanted to share the day when my wife was having her birthday.This year was nothing special.We make up our mind to celebrated it with both only.The birthday cake was shot after been cut.....lol

Well i make myself free from eveything today(27/11).After wake up i bring her to hair saloon for hair wash.As for me well i am almost "Botak" so i didn't have any hair wash....if i do will be waste of money anyway...hehehe.I waited there patiently and read my Star's Paper to passed time.When finish i bring her to Gurney Plaza.And plan to have our lunch at Sushi King.Well both of us haven't been going together to Sushi King for long time.We use to go to E-Gate outlet together last time.

After finished at Sushi King We walked and window shopping at Gurney Plaza....hehehehe.Well actually i asked my wife if she happened to see anything she loved...well i will buy for her as present but end up she don't came across any that she like:-)Hahaha...saved!But she told me..that my offer will be carry forward to other days,,,,and when she happened to find any she like...then i have to buy for her.Not saved afterall....lol.

Its seem that the x'mas mood already started even though its still about a month before x'mas.The plaza been beautiful decorated and most shop too with their own design.Last time when more younger time and we will spend our X'mas Eve in pub or discotheque party all night long until wee hour next day.But now mostly spend time in a quite hotel lobby listen to live band and have some beer or enjoy the evening with some DVD or Tv show on X'mas theme.Dont know izzit we both are getting old??????Hahahaha or just fed up with those active life ?Maybe we been to for those too much i think.....lol.But no matter what type of life we have now....we still looking forward to every x'mas.So now i bet all also in the holiday mood,,,,don't you?

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24 November 2007

Bluetooth or Butoh?

GOt my new Bluetooth Headset for my mobile phones.I been using few brands of Bluetooth Headset.The first that i bought was the Motorola HS850 which cost me RmM 399 then and when i used it for merely few months then malfunction already.Took it back to them since still got warranty but been after in and out from the Service Center there is nothing much was done to make it function better.So i just used it until really cannot used at all.Since i like the foldable microphone of it i get another new release Motorola Bluetooth Headset and this time i bought the new H700 which is much smaller than HS850 but do have most of the feature like HS850 but more smaller and lighter.After used it again for few months,,,,,,the color of the product came off like peer skin.Look awful,consider the price i was paying at RM299(This time cheaper than the previuos version,,,,dont know why .)I continue using it and oneday i accidentally dropped it and since that day the headset been "gila -gila" like a person been knocked in the head and it unstable mind.Siok siok it work find,,,,siok siok when received call can listen to other party voice but they can listen to mine.Really TL,imagine when got urgent call and we dont know and kept saying hello hello and told other party we can hear them and they kept just saying hello back.So make up my mind this time dont wanna buy any more Motorola brand anymore.

So i try to used Nokia this time.I mananged to get Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-100 the look are ugly.But since its cheap and been told by my friend( who sell Handphone) its good.So since now i more looking for quality rather then look and also the price is reasonbable( only Rm150) and dont wanted to paid more amount of money and get the bad product like what i been through with those two Motorola Headset.I learned my lesson.The new Nokia Headset dont have any look at all....all square look only.But can change the earloop styles with three ear loop color that came with it.It just a simple and basic Bluetooth headset.No need any reading about it function manual.So been very satisfied with it for sometime....until last few weeks i lost it.....i also can't recall where i lost it in first place,,,,,maybe my old mind dont work that efficient anymore.So feed up with all those Bluetooth headset problem i been getting.I try to make up my mind dont wanted to get or use any Bluetooth Headset no more.

So one day when i was driving around Komtar and when i was having my phone conversation with one of my PGHK( for those who dont know what is PGHK...please visit"PenangHokkien" friend name KIm Mo(hahahaha....i hope you still remember that call.) So me and her talk until siok siok and me also never realise i was not using any handfree or headset.Then suddenly out of nowhere.....came ride near to my car was 2 mata mata( policeman) .They make hand signal ordering me to drive to the side of the road and stop.By then i only knew....ooooh this time kena liow again for breaking the laws of talking on the handphone while driving.Well as for the rest of the story....i wouldn't be disclose here lah....Use your imagination lah how the situation should be by now and how the settlement ya.....hahahahaha "Malaysian Way".So to skip that situation we jump into how i have to get another new headset by now.Well after the incident my wife was nagging me....saying"i told u liow mah to get another new headset and you see now buta buta lost few "puluh ringgit" liow.She continue and said " See now you have to paid more then other for any new headset you buy"......(hehehehehe....sorry lah darling,,hehe).So i then make up my mind to get a new headset and this time i asked again my handphone selling friend any suggestion.He told me...."U apalah always no fate with any Buetoo eh(haha..Bluetooth lah)...either rosak or hilang".Wah until like that lor he "said to me....if not friend long ..i sure KNN him lor....hahahaahaha joking.He asked me to buy just the "Chap Per Lang Brand "(not a branded one)but the price also almost same like the branded wan leh.....how come?Since it cost about Rm120 also..i asked him.He reply"Ah Tox ar this one not same leh,,,,this Buetoo( he speak sound like Butoh bad word in Malay) headset can be paired to two handphone at the same time..lu chai em chai".Suprise and also maybe i outdated liow....and asked him for more info about its feature.

Then he told me that this bluetooth( or Butoh lah....hahaha)can work with two handphone at the same time.When people call you on any of your handphone you can received or make call out using just one Bluetooth headset only.Since i got two set(Sony Ericsson P910I and Nokia N73)then sure suit me cos can used it with 2 of my handset.The i also bought from him .Until now the headset work find..hopefully can last me longer than old sets.Touch Wood.....lol.So for now i am very happy that i can used my handphone with only one bluetooth Headset very convenience.

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21 November 2007

Old But Lovely

Was at my mum home yesterday.She was doing some home clean up when i was there.I found some boxes full of old Photographs of her collection and mine too.I open the box and slowly go through all the old photograph....when i looked at them its did bring back a lots of memory when i was young and also reacall some funny incident then.Well there are too many of them..i just pick some that i loves.Especially my photo when i was small in 60s,primary school,my 21st. birthday party, the wedding photo of my mum collection of her friends and relative in the 50s and 60s.

Wedding Photos in 50s and 60s Era Belong To Mum
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Class 70(Std.1) and 71(Std.2)
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My 60s and 70s photos.

With my mum super bicycle...was major transporter in the old days.

21st. Birthday Cake( With my name wrongly spelled....hahaha)and Party Food in the old days.

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19 November 2007

Ji Gong

Today 10th.Day of 10th.Lunar Month is our "Ji Gong" birthday.So me and my wife went to his temple and do some praying and get some blessing from him.During at the temple i managed to get some pictures and video which i would love to shared it here.For those who wanted to know more about "Ji Gong" can visit Here for more story and information about this Mad Monk God

Ji Gong Birthday Cake.
His favourite drinks....mostly will be Stout.
God's attires.
Ji Gong talking to wife.
Main altar with many gods.
Ji Gong
God's Dragon chair.

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18 November 2007

Strange Looking Pendant......continued

Well let me continue from my last post regarding this "Strange Look Pendant".As i stated before i will share the experience and also the benefits i got from wearing it and also the drinking of the what one of my online friend(Ping Ping who's grandma also happen to be wearing the same pendant)called it The pendant "Magic Water"( Of cos there aint any magic in the water...lol,will it explain later)

I try to write as short and simple as possible so that when you read you wouldn't not get bore with my posting....to be honest i am no good in writing a great posting but i shall try.Please forgive me if my posting may make you bore ya:-)

Ok let us start from what i have been exprience since i wear this pendant:

The Pendant was make from the type of volcano lava which only could be found in German and Japan.You may ask why?And why not country like filipine or Indonesia,since there also have a volcano too..right?Well the answer is cos the volcano lava in both country rich contain of mineral.And the amount type of minerals found come to 76 types.With this rich contain lava plus the science modern technology in Japan, to produce this pendant.Inside each of this pendant contain one embedding type of energy call "Scarla Energy".To cut short and simple those enegry when wear on body the charge from the pendant will then be transfer to your every cell of your body for them to work more efficient.The charges that embedded in the pendant can last to 200 years.As for the so call "Magic Water" it was actually "Energised Water".Energised water is the water that been charged with this pendant for about 15 to 20 mins.The process is when we used the pendant to charged the water,,,its will release a scalar frequencies(Scalar Energy) into the water and to make the water molucelar more open up(normal water is more clumped)and can take in more oxygen.For more info about this pendant please go to Here .

Health Benefit:
Reduces Inflammation
Promotes unclumpping of cell
Enhances blood circulation
Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
Enchances nutrition and detoxification
Increase energy
Help fight cancer cell
Help to retard ageing process
Strengthens body biofield preventing elctro-magnetic waves from affecting one"s health
Better focus and concentration
and many more( you need to try it on your self to find out)

My own experience:
What make me get this pendant in the first place?
I am a 44+ years old man .At present a late night sleeper( not enough sleep),a drinker and ex-smoker. I never excercise, i love food and ate whatever i like.i spend my free time on PC doing Photoshop or online almost few hours per days.
It took me for sometime to trust this pendant although it can gave me a fast result.The reason i got it in the first place is
partly i believed what my old friend told me(Lucky this pendant work....if not i will be a laughing stock for my family for so easy to trust a person testimonial)Secondly ,the demo that can make your feel the instant result(Well and also a bit of risk and curiousity too,,,,hehehe)And lastly the risk i am willing to take since before the intro of this pendant i was having one brand of supplement which is call...SNE( Korean Health care Product)I have been taking those SNE pills daily for few month and to be honest the SNE product did help to improve my health a lot.Its a great product.But the thing is.....every month you have to took about 2 boxes of its which the price came at RM180 each which come to total of Rm360 per month( 1 box can last for 2 weeks)and added up with my wife share ,,,,,,,,heheheheh i have to digged up about RM720 per month( per annum RM8640),,,u know you can even buy new car and paid for the instalment ....hahahahahah..joking.Anyway as long as it can help our health its not expensive lah,,,,,right?But as we all knew people always got options if have one to choose,,,,tiow bor?So i said to myself,,,,,,since i also monthy paid for that amount well i shall took the risk and try this pendant( which sold at RM563 each....knn expensive also leh for the first time people who wanna try to used it)and the words of my friend.If the thing doesn't work,,,i will "KK" my friend ...hahahahaa( Anyway a lots of Thanks to my old buddy Raymond Khor for introducing this "Strange Looking Pendant " to me)and will lost my RM563 buta buta and regret the losses for sometime and not forgetting the will be continues nagging of this from my wife and family members....lol.And back settle for SNE again and continue to paid RM720 per month until the next option came.Anyway "Kamsia Tee Kong" for letting me choose the correct decision.

What Benefit i get from It:
1.I use to have this pain on my left knee on and off since 1980 after i kena accident and my left thigh bone fractured.After the operation my leg was fine.But on and off on rainy days or when too cold weather my pain will came back.
So i try it on with my pendant ....i put the pendant at the area where the pain occurs for about 20 minutes,,after that i can feel the less pain .And when i wannted to sleep at night,,,i took some tape(hahahaha....just my crazy idea to try the product out.)and wrap the pendant around my thigh and just left it until the next morning.I was so suprise the next day when i wake up i feel no pain anymore.And since from that day until today i never even have that pain again.But i do wear the pendant and also drink the "Energised Water" daily.

2.I used to sleep very late daily....at about 2am to 3am .Why????You may asked.I watch DVD follow the drama series,online internet,photoshop and other stuff.And mostly will only wake up at 10am the next morning with a tired body.And well get sleepy after having lunch.Sometime i will have a headache and worst are migraine attack.Can't focus and loss concerntration.
After wearing the pendant and also drinking the "Energised Water" i can now sleep at my same time.....2 to 3 am and wake up next day without feeling tired or not enough sleep.And i wake up from bed more faster now than last time.I am not feeling sleepy anymore.I don't have any headache or Migraine Attack too.i can feel more energetic through out the days.

3.I always have those neck and shoulder stiffness after too long sat on my PC.Sometime worst until to the extent of like your shoulder been poke by a lots of small needle.Since of wearing this pendant i can continue sat on my pc for many hours without any stiffness anymore.At first when i bought the pendant when the stiffness on my shoulder came...i just took off my pendant and just place it on the stiff area for few sometime....and the stiffness just became less and gone.You need to try it your self to found out what i am talking about.....hahahahahaha.

4.Hahahaha....for those you just have your meal or Whatever please skipped this and read later.Ok evry morning i used to wake up and straight to toilet for my passing motion( Pangsai lah.,.in Hokkien)I dnt have problem doing it daily.But all thorugh the years i got problem to do it,,,,,it will took me about at least 15 to 20 in the toilet for the proceess to finish.Sometime my wife also be tahan with my time spend inside there.Sometime she just asked what i am doing in there for so long,,,,,i angrily answer back by saying i am pangsaing lah,,,summore do what.Well people call this....constipation.I really got time problem for empty my bowel.I even can sat there and read my favourite Star Paper until my bum getting numb.
Since i wearing this pendant my toilet time spend inside been shorten by half and its getting faster the whole process( how it will maintain at normal time and not too fast......hahahaha).I know can even read more than the papers of my Star Paper like before and my ass is not getting any numbness anymore....lol

5.Stamina.....hehehehe...ok i wouldn't be relating it with "ZSB" ok?Since wife is pregnant....lol.So the activities is temporarily not available.
I stayed on 7th Floor on my apartment and my car park was at 4th floor.As to those who lived above the ground:-)sometime when in a hurry and the lift is late to arrived,we may just walked up or ran up to our floor to get home for whatever reason.So as for me...u know lah,me also "orang biasa nia"( ordinary person)sometime when i don't have time or patient i would just walk up from 4th.floor to our 7th.floor....anyway not much level only..right?So to many its like"Sup Sup Water"(very easy)but to the people like me....ex-smoker,drinker and no excericise....not for me to said you will knew also.So everytime when i walk up to 7th floor upon arrived at the floor, i need to take a mild rest before continue to walk to my unit.By then my heart will beat faster like its bumping out from my chest,my mouth will suddenly feel dry and thirsty.....mouth open and
the tongue keep pokin out like when a "Hamsap person saw a sexy woman"...:-)Face sometime can be a bit pale although not always.Since i wearing this pendant my stamina has improved tremendously.i am now can walk up without any problem and not need to stop for a short rest before continue to walk home.My heart beat normal and i dont have dry mouth or that "Hamsap Man
Tongue"effect anymore.I even try to ran up the other days too with no problem at all.

Well those are some of the fews benefit that i came across after wearing and drinking its "Energised Water" and now i stop taking the SNE product anymore and get to saved a lot.......hehehehehe and used the extra money for other things.One of it is for my new born baby.....lol. I shall be sharing more of its benefits from my own experience in my next posting.And my wife experience too.

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16 November 2007

Strange Looking Pendant

Not long ago i was introduce by a friend of mine one pendant call "QUANTUM PENDANT" .I looked at it and my first impression it almost like some religious stuff pendant.You know the one where a person may wear for "Poh Pee"(safe or good luck) and " Pek Sia"( To chase off those devil or black magic). I said to my friend...hey what is this thing.I don't need any more those stuff cos i already have the"Chek Kong" talisman already....:-)
Then i was told that this pendant is not for all those above but for health.Once i heard the word..... HEALTH .First thing cross my mind was...knn this friend sure going to ask me to buy some stuff which suppposed like other health stuff which will work miracle and make your body like Superman...another of the many many other product that had to offer.Or maybe some MLM that ask to be came a member and recruiting more people to their organization.

I am not very convincing and also the look of the pendant don't gave me any assurance feel.So my friend told me please stop talking for awhile and only try to comment after he done a demo of it.I said to myself....woooo a demo...wht demo....if its "Kamasutra"
demo i sure will love lah.But what demo???Since he is also my old friend and we knew each other since secondary school..well i gave him a chance to do a demo.So i "tiam Tiam " for ahwile.Well its damn hard for me cos all my life i was a Kapster,so to ask me to stop talking is like you are asking me to die for ahwile......hehehehe.

Ok he said....will do a first demo and name it test STRENGTH .Below are the video of the same demo he did for me.

So as the video above he done the demo on me...i was so stun by the result of the demo.Before wearing the pendant my body would fall back when he push his fist down on my locked hand which place at behind like in the video.And after let me wear those weird looking pendant and when he did again the same thing onto me...well my body wouldn't fall backward anymore even this time he addded more power to his fist to try to push me.I told myself, well maybe its one fo the marketing trick....hehehehehehe

Then he continue the 2nd demo...wah lagi got 2nd demo( how much demo still he wanted to do)And this time he told me will be the test of FLEXIBILITY.And again...hehehe below are the video of the same demo he did for me.( i am just too lazy to type the sentence again,,,,so i just copy and paste the sentence from above....lol)

Ok...let start he said,ask me to stretch my right arm to the fore and with a thumbup position( like showing the very good sign....wah try to indirectly to make me show thumbup sign ????)
Then slowly turn my body clockwise to the back until i couldn't move further and then try to mark my end position .So i do like what he said....turn turn slowly and meanwhile was telling him if i happen to get my waist twisted...i will "KK" him teruk teruk...lol.I stop at the last position where i can't go further.After that he again ask me to wear that pendant ( I begin to get a bit irritated with on and off that pendant from my neck...well since i already like it or not i am in the mid of the demo liow...so no choice but to continue doing his monkey show)After wearing the pendant i again done the above all over again.Slowly move from front to back and.....to my SUPRISE this time i can turn to back more further from my last end stop position by more than about 8 inches more.Me start scratching my hairless head in disbelieved.

Then he continue and told me will do another test and this time will be a test of BALANCE(what lah...how many test before he will let me go....oh please lah my wife is waiting for me to go shopping )Well since already half of my feet already in the situation i can't said no but to continue our monkey show.And again,,,hehehehe lazy me(so copy and paste nia lor..lol)below are the video of the same demo he did for me.

Ok this time he asked me to stand straight and look forward with both arm stretch out,,like you know the famous scene in the "Titanic" hahaha.I begin to think this friend of mine had turn gay?Well as i knew last time when we schooling time....he was so manly leh.He move to my back i starting to begin scare liow.....izzit he is going to hold me from behind like the "Titanic"???Lucky he not...hahaha.He ask me to lift my right leg and i follow what he asked.Then he told me he is going to press strength on my right arm and ask me to resist it.When he apply the strength to my right arm i try to resist but i can't and i fall on my right.Later and again ask me to wear the pendant again.....well to be honest i begin to liken this pendant which i dislike at the first sight..hehehehe after experience what it can do.So after wearing it,,,ooooops sorry this time he did not ask me to wear no my neck anymore..maybe he also can feel that from the last 2 test my facial expression did show my likeness for the pendant to be wear over my neck.So this time he just put in inside my shirt pocket.....wah like this also can??????Tiow Em Tiow Can Meh????After putting the pendant into my pocket he do again same like at first...but this time....and this time when he try to press my arm i can manage to resist him and also stand so still balance without falling to either side..so so strange.

To be continue..............later in next post with my friend testimonial and also the explaination about this pendant and why i go for it in first place.The the benefit i get from wearing it.

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14 November 2007

Boy Or Girl ?

Today took wife went for her pregnancy checked up.Wake up very damn early today cos today the Doc told us that today can knew the baby is either boy or girl( Well to be honest doesn't matter girl or boy) but just wanted to know and out of curiousity....lolol.So when the Doc ask us if both of us wanted to knew if the baby is boy or girl.I just kept quiet and before i can open my mouth, my wife said out YES....hehehe.She more "Kanchion" then me.So the Doc scan from part to part of the baby body until arrived at the spot where it will show to us wether boy or girl.So when the Doc scan through the spot he pointed to us and told us it was...............What is your guess????? Click the below Read More to get the answer.

Hurrray........Its a baby Boy .
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09 November 2007

Thai Food On Deepavali

Today is Deepavali, visited some of my Indian friends open house until in the afternoon.Enjoy lots of their delicacy until my stomach damn full when arrived at home.And tonight i still have to attend our buddies and family gathering dinner.We always organise for friends and family outing almost on every holiday.And this time we choose for a Thai Food.

Food of choice we choose this time is Thai Foods.And the restaurant we are going are the one home turn restaurant in Sungai Ara which served Thai Food.We order :Pucha(Stuff Crab Shell...my all time favourite),Kerabu Mango,Steam Fish In Thai Sour Chily Sauce,Tom Yam Seafood, Otak Otak and others which i forgotten the name cos i so concerntrate on enjoying the foods....hehehe.I even nearly missed to shot some pictures thts why you see almost of my foods picture are either been half eaten or finish,,,,lol

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