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15 December 2007

Strange Looking Pendant....Stranger no more:-)

Remember the "Strange Looking Pendant" i was posting last month?I was so happy today when i log in and check my account at their website.All this while i was wearing and experience its benefit and later just "siok Siok" introduce to my friends about the benefit of the pendant just for fun by doing the demo and sharing my experience.Little did i know that i can earn so much from it.The account show that they are paying me a total of USD560(about 2k plus cos the company paid at the fixed exchange rate of 3.8:-)) ) until today.But when i throughly calculate the whole total sales i did....well they still have to paid me another USD720.Anyway the reason they havent done so is cos of 14 days cooling period.Anyway this extra income did come in handy since X'mas is just a week plus away.I Shall used this extra money to buy my family some X'mas present.Well as for the other part of payment maybe will buy myself some IT gadget:-)Can't imagine i can do those just in a month plus only.Hehehe....now i think the "Strange Looking Pendant" are not stranger to me anymore....its more like my new ATM liow....hahaha.

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13 December 2007

Baby Stuff Day....journey continue part 2

Continue our journey to shopping for our new born baby stuff.Seem like still got tons of thing need to buy for the baby.So today as usual apply one day unpaid leave.....hehehehe( sign and approved by ownself)Then headed to town to shop for the baby stuff.Anyway we will buy the stuff partly .So there will be few more trips before we manage to finish up the list.

Baby's Department.

In variety.

Baby Sport Car Showroom....lol.

Lots of Model to choose from....auto..manual...turbo..petrol or diesel....hahahaha.

Baby Poo-poo seat...not going to buy yet for now.

Mini Bath Tub.

Mummy test it out.

Mummy checking out pampers.

After finished shopping me and my wife went to "Padang" at Datuk Keramat to have our favourite "Lok-Lok".Been few months did not eat "Lok-Lok" already.

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09 December 2007

Funny Chritsmas Pictures

Christmas mood already started and i would like to share here ,Hehehe...just some of the funny Christmas pictures i came across from websites.Hope you all enjoy!

Hahaha,,,,a very realistic wishes expected:-)

The result of being bad for this year,,,,this what you will get from Santa.

For those who's PC full of Porn...hehehehe( Wa Pun See one of them..lol)

Try not to wishes for Sex as Christmas Gift this season,,,,,hahaha.

Don't get drunk like this Santa.

Don't drive too fast when going out partying and remember to fasten your safety belt ya?

Are you good this year???Please don't lie or else there wouldn't be any Santa delivering the present this Christmas....lol.

Still looking for Christmas Present....search no more:-)

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2008 Calendar

The 2008 Calendar.Today got my first 2008 Calendar......hehehe look at the size of free calendar nowadays ( maybe the economic not so good hor?)compare to last time.I still remember when i was still schooling time.My parent used to collect many new calendar for those particular year from shop and company.And then hang at their home guest hall in a row.....lol like art collection.The calendar those days mostly will have pictures of the famous actor or actress..like Lin Chin Hsia,Lin Fong Cio,Chen Chen and for the male actor like Alan Tang,Chin Hsian Ling and others.

Some will have scenery picture....while for those looking for erotic will love to have those bikini girls calendar.You know those days they even printed the topless picture for the calendar and was legal then.Especially those i still can remember the calendar which are from country like Japan will have the most beautiful topless models on their calendar.So those who have work or have businesess with Japan company in Penang then are the more privilege to get those type calendar.It was like the hot item everytime near to year end and need for new calendar fever started.As a student i was then,,,,,we normally used the old calendar with beautiful pictures to cover all our school textbook and exercise book.Some will pasted onto our bedroom wall as a wallpaper and poster.Mostly will be our favourite movie stars or some sexy girls calendar.So compare to last time and then,The more obvious about the calendar then and now....for one are their size....hehehehe.Much smaller than last time.And also secondly nowadays even big company printed less or none at all calendar to be given away as gift for their business friends and other.Now even calendar been sold in shops( those days where got heard calendar need to be bought)

Well no matter what happen to calendar then and now,one things never change.....there will be every new year coming after every 365 days........hahahahahaha.Lastly we still have 22 days left before the 2008 coming to take over from 2007:-)So this month is like always many many years ago is the "Holidaying" and "Partying" with Xmas and New Year just around the corner.

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03 December 2007

881- The Getai Movie

The movie i was waiting finally arrived.Got a call from my DVD friend who told me the movie "881" lai liow lor.I quick quick drive to his place and collect from him.No time to test it pun cos i trust him.He told me "gelantee" 100% clear liow eh.So i pun quickly get home and watch the movie.Well the movie is nice .Got funny and sad.Anyway when i watched the movie "881".It remind me a lot of my past experience i have in the 70s and 80s "Getai".

Actually i think the word "Getai" in Hokkien was actually " Ker Tai" in Mandarin meaning " Stage For Songs".Its was a very important entertaiment for many that era.Recall back then we used to cycling from one "Getai" to next "Getai"....hahahaha....not to sing lah.But to watch the Getai singer singing.Anyway since its about the "881" movie i will be posting i wouldn't be telling more about my memory with "Getai".Maybe i will do a podcast about it in time to come for my AhToxKopitiam Podcast.
The Making Of 881.....

The Deleted Scene( Never Get To Watch In The Movie)

A Day In Liu Ling Ling's Life.

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02 December 2007

Another Sunday

Today no idea where to go.The day is damn hot especially today....don't know why.And as for me been taking shower 2 times since this morning.So after having lunch i asked my wife where to go, since stay at home also boring and don't know what to do.Think and think like always lah.So we decided Queensbay Mall cos its got a really cool air-cond.....hahahahaha.At least can feel cool there for awhile and enjoy a breeze sunday outing too.So off we went.Arrived there no problem in finding parking space.Maybe still early and most people also just have lunch and maybe preferred to stay at home since so hot outside.
Me post with X'mas tree....hehehehe.Hope my weight don't break the setting ...lol

Arrrhh.....hot day, ice-cream come in handy.

Enjoying my cup of Baskin Robbins.

Came upon one Steamboat Restaurant.A lot of people eat there.Too bad just having lunch only.Well try it out next time with family.I think when having a steamboat the more people the merry and more fun.

Their Menu on the main entrance wall was very tempting.Make me hungry when posting this blog:-)

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29 November 2007

Dearest's Birthday

Should have post this last 2 days ago.But too busy.Anyway wanted to share the day when my wife was having her birthday.This year was nothing special.We make up our mind to celebrated it with both only.The birthday cake was shot after been cut.....lol

Well i make myself free from eveything today(27/11).After wake up i bring her to hair saloon for hair wash.As for me well i am almost "Botak" so i didn't have any hair wash....if i do will be waste of money anyway...hehehe.I waited there patiently and read my Star's Paper to passed time.When finish i bring her to Gurney Plaza.And plan to have our lunch at Sushi King.Well both of us haven't been going together to Sushi King for long time.We use to go to E-Gate outlet together last time.

After finished at Sushi King We walked and window shopping at Gurney Plaza....hehehehe.Well actually i asked my wife if she happened to see anything she loved...well i will buy for her as present but end up she don't came across any that she like:-)Hahaha...saved!But she told me..that my offer will be carry forward to other days,,,,and when she happened to find any she like...then i have to buy for her.Not saved afterall....lol.

Its seem that the x'mas mood already started even though its still about a month before x'mas.The plaza been beautiful decorated and most shop too with their own design.Last time when more younger time and we will spend our X'mas Eve in pub or discotheque party all night long until wee hour next day.But now mostly spend time in a quite hotel lobby listen to live band and have some beer or enjoy the evening with some DVD or Tv show on X'mas theme.Dont know izzit we both are getting old??????Hahahaha or just fed up with those active life ?Maybe we been to for those too much i think.....lol.But no matter what type of life we have now....we still looking forward to every x'mas.So now i bet all also in the holiday mood,,,,don't you?

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