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14 January 2008

Thailand Business Cum Leisure

Just came back from my business and leisure trip to Thailand recently.Well Chinese New Year is coming soon and everyhwere even in Thailand we can feel the festival is starting too by their decor of their shops and malls.Met up some old friends and business partner.Actually a very hectic trip with all the meeting with business friends.But still got sometime for relaxing and meeting up old buddies.Managed to shot some photo during the trip.As for the leisure story,,,,like ancient massage,Turkey Bath,Cabaret Show etc.....hehehehe i will not be posting here.I scare later my wife did came and read my blog.Can die really "Cham" lol.Anyway i will share it on my Ah Tox Kopitiam Podcast later.So keep watch for my posting ya:-)

My old Thai Buddy..Terrawit ( Thank You for coming all the way from Bangkok to met up )

Street Scene.

I love to take TUK-TUK whenever in Thailand.

Happened to saw this "Giant Nonah"( sorry don't know its english name) when passed by some fruit stall....imagine the size compare with our 0.50 sen syilling

What a colourful ATM machine....so artistic the Thai people:-)

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07 January 2008

Steam Boat

Been veli veli long time no updated liow......veli veli soli ya.Like always when year end and year started super busy eh.Even don"t have time to "ZSB".But last Sunday managed to sat together with family for "SteamBoat Dinner" at our home after my daughter suggested that been awhile we don't have steamboat at home liow.So i pun quick quick agreed and as usual i act as pay master nia.And they do all the buying and preparing...hehehehe.My daugther went to Batu Lanchang afternoon wet market to bought all that needed for steamboat.Later prepare it.We all have a great time.We started at 7.30pm and with all the Sembang and kap kap...not realising we drag it until about midnight....lol.After finish come the worst part...the "Clean UP"....lol.Anyway i also help in cleaning up too.Concluded we all have an enjoyable night,,,feel like a Reunion Dinner for CNY...although it still about a month before the Chinese New year.But of cos we wouldn't be having Steamboat for our family Reunion Dinner lah.

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