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10 August 2008

08.08.08 Aloysius Gam Gam 4th. Month Liow !

Time passed really fast.On the day of 08.08.08 last Friday my Aloysius already 4th. months old .Now he started to roll over on his tummy by himself...it was funny to see him try to roll over at first and everytime he only managed to do half roll only....lol.But i like his fighting spirit of not giving up......he kept on trying and trying until he now can do it easily.Although i am very proud of him but one thing i dont really like him doing is he love to suck not only his thumb but sometime also try to suck all his fist into his mouth.....:(

Oh ya he also trying to hold his feeding bottle by his own rather then let other hold for him ....hehehe which make the life of feeding him more easy now compare to last time.

He had his first ever hair cut on the 08.08.08 today at one of the unisex hair saloon.He seem to really enjoy his hair cut for sure.Well we both had our hair cut that day too.



Get Ready For The Hair Cut....He Seem Excited.

Had A Photo Taken With His First Ever Encounter With Hairstylist.

Messing with my UMPC which is his favourite thing he wanted to play with daily.
Little Man With Little PC....hehehe.

Work Of His Elder Sister.....Hahahaha

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