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19 April 2008

Aloysius Random Photos

Aloysius is 12 days old today.He had been sleeping,,,,,milking and shitting all this while...hahahaha that was his daily routine.One thing i found about him is ..he can be very patient in whatever stuff but just can't seem to has those patient when his milking time is up.He would not tolerate or compromise for anything...lol.He is gaining weight from the day he was born at 3.13kg to 3.26 now.He is on formula milk now and was drinking at 110ml each time every 3 hours interval.Well it seem that the brand that i choose for him work well with him.The brand was "Enfalac A+" by MeadJohnson design for baby's first 12 months which contain DHA,ARA and SA.Those contain are important component for brain tissue.It came with a tin weighing at 850g and only will last for about 10days with him having milk at this interval and at this levels:-).

As for the Baby's Bottle and Nipples i bought the Dr Brown's which really help us to have an easy time during baby feeding.Cos each of their bottle came with a special built in system which help by eliminating the vacuum and air bubbles, it helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping and gas.And the best is after each feeding to baby we don"t really have to hard burping him for long time.Sometime it just came naturally by himself.I still remember last time we have to burp the baby hard and took longer time with normal baby bottle in order to get those extra gas out of his stomach after feeding.

One Day Old.

A Week Old.


And This Was Me When I was A Baby.....hehehehe

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5 Lu Lang Kong:

Ping Ping said...

he is getting handsome-r now...hehehe...cute...

cannot..mummy say people used to say i very cute then now i bcome not cute. chieh, so honest, sien nia. anyway, baby not on mother's milk??but nowadays milk, apa macam mia also got.. =)

Joze Foo said...

the last picture look like you when you're small

K3ViN said...

agree with HNKP... the latest pic really look like ur small picture lor.....

Anonymous said...

Joe, I thnk it is the "ang Ku Ying" chu lai one, same lah. The lips and the eyes. Happy ah, aslo kena lottery. You fatt tua chai really. Congratulationn to u again.

siewSiANlang said...

wah, one week old, hair so much,unlike yours from your picture.